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  • Ear Protector
    Ear Protector

    Product Details

    ∙ Used to protect the ears from high temperatures when drying or straightening hair
    ∙ Also used to protect chemical residues during dyeing or straightening hair, avoid staining the skin.
    ∙ Its material is…

    € 5,00
  • Disposable gloves
    Disposable gloves

    Luvas descartáveisInformação do produto

    ∙ São fabricados 100% em látex de borracha natural, na cor preta e não contém pó em seu interior. . Por ser mais espessa que as luvas descartáveis ​​brancas ou azuis, possui…

    € 14,95
  • Max Pro Heat Protection Glove Black
    Max Pro Heat Protection Glove Black

    Max Pro Heat Protection Glove BlackAfraid of burning your hands on styling tools? Not necessary! The Max Pro Heat Protection Glove offers protection and we recommend using it. It is now available for anyone who needs a heat…

    € 7,95
  • Face Shield
    Face Shield

    Face shield

    Product information

    ∙ Made of transparent polymer of high durability with 98% transparency and easy assembly and cleaning.
    ∙ Facial protector against splashing liquids.
    ∙ It helps not spread the contagion of…

    € 9,99

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