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Coffee Premium Collagen is a collagen treatment, which straight the hair and maintain the natural volume.

Honma Tokyo - exclusive technology that promotes styling, regeneration, nutrition and hydration. The Coffee Premium Collagen line synergistically connects with the hair fiber, which works in 3 steps, allowing better performance and no waiting or withdrawal time!

-Temporary style-making treatment: This means that a during of about 3 months.
-Glycolic Extract from Coffee Beans
-Protine from Wheat
-Babasu Coconut oil


Shampoo Dilator = pH 5.0 - 6.0
Regenerating Capillary Gel = pH 4.5 - 5.5
Intensive Protaine Spray = pH 3.5 - 4.5



  • Is available, ask what language you want in your order.
  • The Coffee Premium Collagen is designed to straighten the hair and preserve the natural volume, but if not used correctly, you will not achieve the desired effect.
  • This treatment can also be used in combination with Bio coconut, to obtain an immediate permanent straightening.


  • It can be used on all hair types, but wavy and curly hair will have the best results.
  • From growth paints with ox of 6% and color rinse may be painted immediately after the treatment, with ox of 9 or 12% after 3 days may be painted.
  • The hair can be one tone lighter.
  • This treatment may be repeated every three months, but it has not been found necessary before.

You make approximately 25 treatments with 1L

(Home care tip) use Collagen Caviar for maximum results and care at home.


    Specification Description
    Brand Honma Tokyo
    Category Straigtening
    Hair type For all hair types
    Gender Unisex
    Language manual Dutch, Portuguese, English and Spanish.
    Active substance Collagen

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