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Coffee Premium this is our most powerful 3-step keratin treatment, developed to make dark strong curly hair 100% straight. Provide high hydration and reduce bulk. Temporary styling treatment.


It has in its formula a perfect combination of Glycolic Coffee Extract and Cationic Marine Bioactive associated with Wheat Protein and Keratin, which act intensely on the threads reducing porosity, providing body and balance and a more uniform and aligned surface, in addition to hydrated hair and soft.

Hair care kit consists of:

Shampoo - Deep Clean = pH 7,5 – 8,5
Keratine - Intensive Reconstructive Mask  = pH 3,5 – 4,5
Mask - Ultra Shine = pH 3,0 – 4,0


  • Temporary style treatment: Result lasts approx. 3 months, strength category 4
  • Restored, nourishing and moisturizing
  • Creates a protective layer around the wire. For a long-lasting result with an even and aligned surface.
  • Shine and softness
  • • Intense style result

Instruction manual:

  • Request during your order.
  • Coffee Premium is designed to straighten your hair, but if not used correctly it will not have the desired effect.
  • This product can be used in conjunction with Coffee Green to obtain permanent straightening results.


  • Suitable for wavy, curly (2C) and afro hair (3A,3B,3C).
  • Medium, thick and very curly hair, the hair can be 100% straight without the use of a pre-relaxant.
  • The formula contains caramel pigments that can make blond hair warmer.
  • Coloring can be done before treatment. After the treatment, root touch-up can be done with 6% hydrogen peroxide or toner. After 3 days the hair can be dyed with 9% or 12% hydrogen peroxide.
  • The hair can lighten up to a shade.
  • This treatment can be repeated every three months, before this period is not necessary.

Yields approximately 10 applications with 500 ml and 20 applications with 1L.

Home Care Tip - Use Coffee Care Strong to get maximum results and care at home.

Specification Description
Length 23,5 cm
Width 6 cm
Height 30,5 cm
Barcode 78985844601040

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